Holy Family Podcast
Hf podcast

An exploration of all things liturgical and theological, hosted by Luke Brawner and Jacob Breeze.

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    Kids, with Dillon Brown

    Luke, Jacob, and Holy Family leader Dillon Brown discuss the ecclesia reasoning for keeping kids in the weekly Eucharist liturgy.

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    Inclusivity & Affirmation

    Luke and Jacob discuss the theological foundation of Holy Family's desire to be a fully inclusive congregation.

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    In Vestments

    Luke and Jacob continue Season 2 with a conversation about the very first thing that happens in the Holy Family eucharist liturgy...pastoral vesting.

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    The Way We Move

    Luke and Jacob kick off Season 2 discussing the movements that make up the weekly eucharist liturgy at Holy Family Church.

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    God's Whole Self

    Luke and Jacob discuss the idea of engaging all five of our senses when the Church gathers to worship together.

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    Baptismal Waters & Big Words

    Luke and Jacob talk about the liturgical significance of having the baptismal waters present in a worship gathering, and Jacob adds an impressive new SAT word to Luke's vocabulary.

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    Keep Mass In X-mas

    Luke and Jacob discuss the origins of the Christian use of the letter X as an abbreviation for the word Christ, and the idea that Christ isn't what's missing from Christmas at all...mass is.

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    The Colors of the Calendar, with Lanecia Rouse Tinsley

    Luke and Jacob sit down with Houston-based artist and photographer Lanecia Rouse Tinsley to discuss the use of colors in the liturgical life of the Church, and specifically within the season of Advent.

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    Putting The Lit In Liturgy

    In this episode, Luke and Jacob talk about the tradition of lighting candles throughout the season of Advent!

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    Advent as a Liturgical Bear Hunt

    In this episode, Luke and Jacob discuss the first season of the new liturgical year, Advent!

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